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Hi... This is PPAKGB's website. Now we will talk about what, why, who, where, when, and how is PPAKGB appear.
     First of all PPAKGB is Putera-Puteri Altar Kapela Gembala Baik. These boys and girls serve pastor at Gembala Baik's chapel. Putera Altar is begun since 1986 with the first leader is Jimmy who is the teacher of this generation. The Puteri Altar is begun since March 1999. Until now PPAKGB has about 50 active members.
    PPAKGB usually makes 2 trips a year in Juny and December to other city like to Carita; Maria's Cave at Ambarawa,East Java;Maria's Cave at Kali Ori,West Java ; Poh Sarang Maria's Cave,East Java; and also Puncak,West Java.  Those were enjoyable trips. You can take a look the photos of this trips in this website.
     This website isn't complete enough, i will be pleased if you want to give your critics and supports. Also if you have the other photos and you want me to post the photos at this website, just send the photos to I will be pleased to receive your photos! I need your supports to make this website better. OK, enjoy this website! ...and chao....

Gembala Baik is located at Jalan Jatinegara Barat 122
Jakarta Timur

Mass schedule at Gembala Baik's chapel :
- Every Sunday at 7.00 a.m
- Every 13th in May until 
  October ( Maria's Month)